TEXTUFIL was founded in 1972 as a small family business. It is still a family business and is currently run by Jorge Elias Bahaia, who serves as company president, with the support of his children and grandchildren. At its beginning, the company only manufactured textured nylon yarns and polyester for the local and Central American markets. Later, as part of its vertical integration, TEXTUFIL shifted to develop finished, dyed and printed fabrics, according to the demands of present-day fashion and customer preferences.


 In 1985, TEXTUFIL invested in a new sewing thread plant allowing them to increase production and diversify its product offerings.


Two years later, due to increasing needs of integration and improved quality control, a cotton and mixture fabric mill was added. This allowed its fabrics department greater production availability and flexibility.


In 1992, TEXTUFIL installed a rotary embosser machine allowing the company to offer more options to their customers as well as enabling them to produce a variety of designs and colors simultaneously. With this addition, they were able to increase the beauty and quality of their customers' designs.


In 1993 a second cotton spinning mill plant for carding and combed fabric was set up, thus increasing the capacity of installed yarn production machinery by 60%.


Seven years later, in 2000 TEXTUFIL completely modernized its machinery and built a new knitting plant with the latest available technology.


Similarly, in 2005, the Coloring Department was updated, resulting in improved colors and quality.


For purpose of remaining a market-leader, in 2013 TEXTUFIL built a textured filaments plant used to produce athlete performance enhancement products for the sporting industry.


The continued modernization and improvement of our manufacturing plants and equipment has allowed TEXTUFIL to vertically integrate its operations, starting with the treatment of the cotton bale and its transformation into yarn, to producing the fabric and its printing.





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